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BC Landlord Credit Checks – Vancouver Landlords Can Now Run Credit Checks To Find Good Tenants

January 6th, 2017 · No Comments · BC Landlord Membership, Tenant Screening

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When you buy a newspaper or watch the evening news BC landlords are used to seeing stories about tenant rights.

Whether it’s a story about tenant complaining about high rents, or the poor condition of a particular large corporate owned building or something else tenant stories are common in the news.

Many Vancouver landlords read a story in Metro News called Vancouver mayor calls for more renter protections as residents fight ‘greed evictions’. It’s the story of a new corporate landlord who is raising rents and other costs (including the price of laundry) in the apartment.

It’s important to have stories like this and tenant rights are important. But what about rights for landlords?

BC Landlord Rights

There are few stories about the problems landlords in British Columbia face.

We receive lots of stories from landlords who face serious challenges from their tenants. Sometimes these stories get media attention such as the tenant who moved in based on the landlords’ gut feeling and proceeded to stop paying rent.

However, most of the problems landlords face never get put in the newspapers or on the evening news.

What Kind Of Problems Are BC Landlords Experiencing?

Many different types of problems.

The most common we are told about are things such as tenants not paying rent, tenants leaving damages behind, and pets causing damages to the property which are far higher than the pet deposit covers.

Most of these problems are happening to small landlords who can’t afford to high full time staff to manage their properties or hire large property management companies to run their rental business.

How Can Vancouver Landlords Avoid Bad Tenants?

It’s important that you screen your tenants carefully.

Never rent to someone just because they have a big envelop of cash ready to give you. Ask yourself why they are so aggressive.

And don’t rely on your ‘gut instinct’ telling you the prospective tenant is a ‘good person’ because the worst tenants are very well prepared at story telling.

BC Landlord Credit Check

The best way to screen tenants is by running credit checks. A credit check provides you will real, valid information on the person who wants to live in your investment that costs you hundreds of thousands of dollars!

You can now join the BC Landlords Association for a low one-time fee (no annual fee) and start running credit checks for only $10/check.

Credit checks are excellent and very helpful for landlords. You get a credit score, employment and other information on the potential tenant and even a recommendation!

Protect yourself and your investment with BC Landlords Association membership and start running credit checks from your own home computer to make sure you rent to good tenants!

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