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Vancouver landlords – How Can I Run A Credit Check On a Tenant?

June 5th, 2014 · 1 Comment · BC landlord credit check, BC landlords, British Columbia landlords, Vancouver landlords

 Vancouver landlords bc landlord credit check find good tenants

Vancouver landlords – Bad tenants target small landlords. Don’t become a victim and make sure you rent to great tenants with a tenant credit check

We wrote earlier this year to warn landlords about how important it is to screen your prospective tenants carefully.

As the BC Landlord Credit Check site explains, proper and professional tenant screening should always include a tenant credit check.

1. Vancouver landlord stuck with a scammer tenant

A news story from 24 Hours Vancouver is about a landlord in Vancouver is facing a tenant using the system to avoid being evicted.

The landlord is Salim Lakhani and his tenant has allegedly ripped off other tenants by posing as the landlord of the building.

Posing as the landlord, it’s alleged she has accepted damage deposits.

The landlord wants to evict her but is facing a tenant who is using “loop-holes” in the system to avoid moving.

Lakhani says the BC Residential Tenancy Act is unfair for landlords.

2. Six BC Landlords Ripped Off By Serial Bad Tenants

The story from CBC News about a couple of tenants in BC has been shocking.

The B.C. couple at the centre of a bad tenant investigation by CBC News, Susan and Chris Perret, have been served with an eviction notice again — the sixth time in two years and only one day after the CBC first aired the story.

How Can A Vancouver Landlord Avoid Bad Tenants?

Vancouver landlords should take a look at the British Columbia landlord site.

At the site they explain the importance for landlords to run a credit check on prospective tenants.

This way you can make sure you rent to good tenants and avoid the pros out there.

Even Alberta landlords are doing tenant credit checks and they have the most landlord-friendly laws around and a very hot rental market.

And successful Ontario landlords are always including tenant credit checks as part of their screening system.

How Can Vancouver Landlords Run Credit Checks on Their Tenants?

It’s now easier than ever.

You can join the BC Landlords Association for only a one-time fee of $99 and start doing premium credit checks that will tell you everything you need to know about a potential renter before you rent to them.

Yes, that’s right.

Only a one time registration fee.

Unlike other associations that charge you an annual fee. That’s simply not affordable for small landlords.

And you can start doing tenant checks right away!

Vancouver landlords – Find Great Tenants and Protect Yourself from Bad Tenants!

Join the BC Landlords Association for only a one-time registration fee and start doing tenant credit checks to ensure you find great tenants (and avoid the pros!)

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    The industry is really changing these days and landlords must put a premium on choosing the right tenants.