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Vancouver Landlords

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 Vancouver landlords


Vancouver Landlords Let’s Get Started With Networking, Sharing Tips and Doing Great Tenant Screening!

We welcome all Vancouver Landlords to our new site.

Vancouver, Canada is a world-class city. There are so many advantages to living here and enjoying the ‘Vancouver life-style.’

Vancouver is also a popular place to invest. Especially investing in rental properties.

Great Opportunities for Vancouver Landlords

Vancouver is recognized as one of the world’s great cities. Lots of newcomers continue to come here, especially from Asia.

There are also a lot of people from across Canada coming to British Columbia.

Hard working people looking for opportunities…and also looking for a place to live.

Challenges for Vancouver Landlords (and landlords all over British Columbia)

The challenges facing Vancouver landlords and landlords all over British Columbia are growing fast.

Things are getting more difficult for residential landlords all the time.

Let’s take a look at some of these new challenges.

1. Despite huge new costs and taxes B.C. landlords can only raise the rent 2.2 percent in 2014

2. The government is debating whether or not landlord can have the option of not accepting pets.

3. There are tons of rental scams out there that cheat tenants and hurt good landlords.

4. Lots of places are only now starting to network and share advice.

5. Some tenants are not even paying rent

Let’s Start Networking and Demanding Change to the Laws For Landlords

Let’s Just Be Like Alberta!

We look East and envy the laws for Alberta Landlords.

The reality is the situation in British Columbia is much different.

Tenant Screening

Vancouver landlords need to face our challenges head on!

We can do this, and succeed, with great tenant screening.

The B.C. landlords association gives British Columbia landlords the ability to do high quality, low cost tenant credit checks.

They also give us the way to do high quality, low cost criminal checks.Vancouver Landlords let’s start networking and sharing advice and tips!

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  • CherryDiong

    This site is really needed.

    Good luck and I will be reading!

  • Marv

    Lots of horror stories out there these days. Make sure you do proper tenant screening before handing over the key.